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News.5 Best Penalty Takers in FIFA 16

The number of over 120 minutes, and the penalty shootout looming. Now, you need a good shot to win your game. This value is better, safer and victory is the result. This is in FIFA 16 the top five list of penalties.

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5. Nestor Ortigoza

Age 30, San Lorenzo, Paraguay

Defensive midfielder, but a small number in world football. Since only seven appearances for the national team ofParaguay, it is no wonder he only named 72 FIFA 16, however, when it comes to penalties, his quality is great.
4. Ibrahimovic

Age 33, Paris Saint-Germain, Sweden

what? Ibrahimovic only in fourth place? He should be very upset, because the Swedes dominate everything perfect. With an overall rating of 89 and 91 penalties, one of his best games.
3. Villa

33 year old New York City FC, Spain

Unfortunately, gone Villa best days. He also ran for another round in New York City. With an overall rating of the evaluation outstanding penalty 80 and 92, he is still well in the game and many fans believe that FIFA 16 is a legend.
2. Balotelli

Age 25, Milan, Italy

Balotelli did well, was considered a top striker in Milan, when he was in form. In FIFA 16, he has more than 80 levels and 92 penalties.
1. Ricky Lambert

Age 33, West Bromwich, England

Here, you probably want to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But it's the British player Ricky Lambert. He has 81 finishing 85 shooting ability, 84, 85 strong, 96 and 84 penalty kick. Despite his footsteps statistics, he is a great striker cheaper FIFA 16.